A Founder’s Guide to Bad Press/Social Media

This is a “living blog post”, and will constantly be updated
There will always be haters.
No matter what kind of business you are building, how long you’ve been doing it, how many customers you have, or how successful you are, someone will always dislike what you are doing enough to be vocal about it.
This guide serves as a handbook for founders to navigate the choppy waters of public negativity.
As a founder, negative feedback and be good and bad. It’s good when it points thou in the right direction. It’s bad when it’s misleading a hurts. When someone attacks your startup, your brainchild, something that you’ve poured so much time, effort, and risk into is tarnished by another’s opinion it’s impossible to avoid feeling pain. This pain often drives founders to acting emotionally, over analyzing, etc. This guide can serve as a reference to navigate situations without worrying about that.
If in doubt, ask others. They won’t respond emotionally so if they are capable of crafting a valid response, it’s probably better than yours
Chatgpt is magical here
the shorter the better, long responses look defensive and like you were offended, like they found a weak link