Building Features That Moved The Needle At Tangia 🍊

Post on how we looked at new features, and why they moved the needle

Conversion Optimization

This may seem obvious, but they way we handled it was by attacking specific moments in onboarding.
We considered onboarding getting through registration, all the way to getting their first interaction sent to them.
The first we attacked was people setting up the overlay, or “onboarding”. This originally had a ~22% conversion rate. We attacked that and brought it up to 60% by removing every possible place where the user had to think (a very important mindset in UX design). Making every button and step obvious, showing they where they were, etc.
This brought total conversions up from 13% to over 22.5% within a month.

Tangia Parties

Humans love progress bars, we wanted people to get more ingrained in the culture. IT also gave them a reason to send that extra few interactions, or see what was on the next level.

Instant Online

The 10s delay was killing the usage of drumming streamers like theofficedrummer and sethdrums because they switched so often. Specificall theofficedrummer might spend so little time in the talking scene that Tangia never showed online between songs. We took that from ~15s to 2s, and still had room to drop it further.
By increasing the amount of time people can use Tangia, they will use it more


Next post, we’ll talk about things that didn’t work
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