The good side of AI and technological uniquity

Since everyone is talking about doom, let’s talking about the amazing things in the near and distant future
You enter a hospital, you are seen immediately. Your body is scanned and find you need immediate surgery, it can be performed immediately. No more cascading levels of escalation.
No more 12 hour hospital wait times where your 8yo daughter has to sit there with an untested broken arm due to the maliciously misaligned incentives of hospital economics.
Your muscles spam and you need a massage within minutes, not hours, not days. Otherwise you suffer immense back pain, but not enough to wait 12 hours in a hospital.
Humans not driving cars, or operating any transportation. Not because cars drive themselves, but we’ve developer far more efficient, safe, scalable, and ecological solutions. Think Uber for rail cars but the rails replace the roads. A pod picks you up and drops you off, god forbid you have a to walk a block or two. Humans only drive recreationally on closed circuits, just like horse riding is done now.